What is 50/50 Custody?

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Divorces can be messy and stressful, even more so when children are involved in the marriage. It can be hard enough to split your entire financial life from your spouse and to divide your assets, but what about your child? Protecting your rights as a parent will undoubtedly be your top concern, and rest assured — it will be ours, too.

50/50 Custody is the splitting of time with the child between both parents equally, where one parent does not get extra time spent with the child over the other. This is often the most sought-after solution when both parents are willing and capable, as it assures the child will get ample time with both parents.

How is Custody Decided?

One of your questions may be — how is my time with my child decided by the court? Many variables come into play when determining custody, such as the developmental stage and level of the child, the financial readiness to care for a child and the mental capacity necessary to do so, which parent the child prefers (generally for older children), and what is in the best interest of the child.

In some situations, custody can be decided upon amicably by the parents. Other factors will be considered in instances where this is not capable, such as living arrangements, total income, and relationship with the child. We will help you navigate this difficult road with your and your child’s best interest at heart.

What Can I Do?

In a perfect world, custody decisions can be negotiated and agreed upon peacefully and easily. However, we know that this world can be far from perfect, and in some cases where this is not possible, it helps to build a strong case for yourself. We will work tirelessly and vigorously to help you form the best argument possible to tip the scales in the right direction. Every variable will be considered when we build this case for you, and you can rest easy knowing that we will do everything possible to help you and your child reach the resolution you all deserve.

We Are Here to Help

Regardless of the situation, it is best to act swiftly regarding custody cases. We can help you organize and build the strongest case possible to help you retain and protect your parental rights.

Your child is your life; this we know. As daunting as the path ahead may sometimes feel, know that you can and will receive the help and guidance you need. Please contact us at 404-738-5805 or online to schedule a consultation.

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