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Sometimes, you need to get modifications made to your parenting plan when circumstances call for it. The current plan may no longer be what is the most convenient and healthy for your child. For a parenting plan to be modified, you usually have to file for a modification or petition. This will have to go through the court in order to be accepted.

A parenting plan modification can be a complicated process to go through. You will need to come up with valid reasons that prove a modification to the plan is essential. For this, you will need the help of a professional who deals with family law in Atlanta.

Parenting after divorce is difficult, so having the necessary legal support when it comes to making important decisions about your child’s life; we are here to give you professional consultations.

How Is A Parenting Plan Modification Done?

First of all, a parenting plan is made when you and the other parent of your child can no longer live together while raising your child. You can either create your own plan by working together, or an attorney can help you design it.

There are certain conditions under which you are able to file for a modification in the parenting plan. This is usually when you feel that the current plan no longer works for the benefit of your child. This can be either a change in your or the other parent’s lifestyle, safety issues, or the changing needs of your child as they grow.

You may now be able to spend more time with your child than before or you may have moved closer to allow you more flexibility with your parenting time since the entry of your final order.

The other parent may also have faced a major change in their daily schedule; however, even if both parents do not agree on the modifications, you can get them accepted by the court.


You will need to present the judge with the appropriate documents that indicate how the parenting plan can no longer function. These documents can include a diary of problems you have faced because of this plan or of the additional time that you have spent with the child. You could also show a schedule of activities that your child now takes part in because of which they cannot abide by the old timings anymore.

You may also have proof from teachers or health care providers that describe how the current plan is affecting your child’s health, comfort, or performance in school. Some parents are also faced with the difficult task of providing proof that their child is not safe while being in the other parent’s custody.

What Can We Do?

We are a group of passionate and determined professionals who provide you with the consultation and legal advice you need in order to succeed. You should not have to go through the process of filing for a parenting plan modification on your own.

Parenting after divorce is all about making the best decisions for your child. By getting in touch with people skilled in family law in Atlanta; you have a greater chance of getting your modification accepted. Contact our office today at 404-738-5805 to discuss how we can help you with your parenting plan modification.

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